This was one of my favourite Student assignments. The brief asked us to create a unique product and package design for a craft brewery sample pack. I christened my brand "Buel's", an urban term that refers to someone who is the first to start partying and last one to sleep.
Titled "What happened last night?" this design is meant to emulate the harmless fun and wacky adventure that can ensue from a night escapade with friends. “What happened last night?” plays on the customers imagination, thoughts of adventure, innocent mayhem, and the illusion of a bizarre transformation. Anything can happen. 

Each beer flavour in this sample pack is highlighted with playful colour associations and character profiles. Each colour is meant to reflect the paired beer flavour as well as create a bold visual contrast. The collaged character profile, different for each flavour, brings that additional personality and flare. I used a strong bold sans serif to identify a well-defined successful company brand and placed it just off kilter to match the sample pack theme. For the title I used a scratchy script typeface to add authentic emphasis to the wild adventure ahead. 
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