This logo was fun to build and includes many different features. The structure and shape resembles a house and is constructed out of the initials of the app name, M+G (My Garage). The lines used to highlight these initials are meant to represent structure and underlining, the mechanics of the build. They are also meant to visually resemble paint on road. The background is texturized to resemble concrete and road asphalt, elements relatable to this apps concept and subject matter. Hard lines, gritty texture, dark colors all contribute to the mood and visual atmosphere desired to pump up this app. To express the phantom experience of getting down and dirty fixing and driving your beloved vehicle.

The typeface used in this app, Scout, is a modern clean san serif that imbues efficiency and technicality.

The color palette used to describe My Garage pulls from elements of the road (ie. pavement, asphalt, paint) and mixes with shades of purple. Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. The color purple is often associated with royalty, luxury, power, and ambition. These are fierce emotions and associations. Can we not say we have felt similarly about a favorite vehicle?
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The My Garage dashboard features the users uploaded personal vehicle list. Each vehicle block features a photo gallery scroll, the vehicle name and manufacturer. Clicking on the vehicle block transitions the user to the selected vehicle details page.
The details page for each selected vehicle contains all related documentation uploaded by the user including vehicle specifications, service receipts, insurance, manual, and a parts wish list. The user has the ability to post the selected vehicle for sale through their vehicle settings and /or share their information with friends and other enthusiasts. When posting for sale or sharing the user can easily indicate which information from the vehicles details to make viewable.
Additional Features
In addition to collecting and sorting all of your vehicles documentation this app offers extra features and tools to help save time and money. These include a blog, forum, recommended mechanics list, and public listing where you can search, save favorites and post your vehicles for sale.
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