Google I/O Extended Summit Series 2019
Google I/O Extended is an annual program that aims to bring the magic of I/O to developer communities outside of the Bay Area. This year, Talent & Outreach Programs hosted 8 summits in Google offices across North America targeting technical talent. The summits featured a live stream of the I/O keynote, local tech talks, workshops, demos, and celebratory receptions. We also partnered with Developer Relations to support community-led events globally.
Event Stats
• 893 participants
• 511 Googlers
• 39 demos, 22 talks, and 14 workshops covering Actions on Google and the Tech Challenge
• 5 community organization features & sponsorships

Social Media
• 298,530+ social media impressions across Life@Google channels
• 28,052 unique views on Life@Google Instagram story
Project Brief
Using the I/O Extended established logo and color palette I was asked to create a separate set of design assets for the upcoming 2019 I/O Extended summit series that mimicked Google’s marquee I/O event design. For security reasons the two events needed separate design assets. As lead designer for this project I was provided Google I/O’s brand standards and guidelines as well as a look & feel deck to help inspire my designs and create this new set of design assets.

Project Duration
Late-March to early May

My Role
As the lead designer, I was responsible for the design & development of all creative assets for the 2019 I/O Extended summit series, which included conferences, workshops, and socials based around the marquee Google I/O. I reported directly to the lead I/Oe summit series project manager sitting on Google’s Talent Programs & Events team, assisted 33+ coordinators and specialists with specific design requests that in turn supported 20+ internal partners.
This design utilizes a series of lines and shapes to create compelling and playful compositions that are bright, uplifting, and engaging.

Over the course of this project I created over 25 design assets including swag, badges, presentation decks, wayfinding, decals, social media ads, banner images for I/Oe site specific microsites, selfie walls, instructional table signage, postcards, internal recaps, and more. Over 470 design files.
File Management
For I/O Extended’s design file management I created an intuitive design Trix (Google sheet) within our teams Master Planning Document for the extended I/O Extended team and myself to request and track all design assets. This also resulted in an organized online folder structure for all team members to access and share said assets.
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