MLT 15th Anniversary Celebration 2019
Since 2007, Talent & Outreach Programs (TOPs) has partnered with Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT), a nonprofit organization launched in 2002 that is transforming the career and life trajectories of a new generation of diverse leaders while expanding talent pipelines at more than 100 leading businesses, social-sector organizations, and universities. The Google-MLT partnership centers on opportunities to connect with students and industry professionals who have been historically underrepresented in the tech industry and are competitive leads for intern and full-time hiring at Google.
From June 27-29, Google was a premiere sponsor of the MLT 15th Anniversary Celebration in New York City, which included more than 1,000 attendees over 4 conferences and Google-hosted events. Our presence was designed to showcase Google’s commitment to diversity & inclusion, build relationships with this community of great talent for the long-term, and celebrate our partnership with the MLT organization.
Event Stats
• More than 100 Googlers participated in MLT 15th Anniversary events including 10 Googler speakers

Social Media
• 225,000+ impressions from MLT 15th Anniversary posts on @LifeAtGoogle’s social media channels
Project Brief
For this years MLT I was asked to create an event theme design and set of corresponding assets capturing the concept of “Path to Google” / “See yourself at Google” while also highlighting values of community, support, diversity, and inclusion.

My Role
As lead graphic designer, I was responsible for the theme design & development of all creative assets.
Building a visual theme playing off the concept of “Path to Google” was really fun. The final design in addition to capturing the events theme also fit well with Google’s strive to portray a fun, welcoming, and playful environment. I experimented with many different styles of “paths”, literal and abstract, in combination with representations of community and finally landed on a playful approach to a planked wooden path. This type of path can symbolize many things - physically it is a strong unyielding structure that can create an ease of mind and comforting experience when venturing through the unknown. It helps guide you from point A to point B or to any point in between.
When adding Google's color palette to this visual I was hoping to merge these cogitations to Google’s vision and goals. To highlight the ever growing community made up of Googler’s and future Googler’s building this path, these diverse and inclusive opportunities and a place that rising stars can feel welcome and valued. 
Outside of this concept this visual was perfect for expressing and capturing the movement, diversity, and energy behind Google and MLT’s personality while also leading the attendees along a fun engaging journey throughout the physical event space.

Assets for this event included presentation slide decks, connection cards, decals (mirror & floor), attendee and Googler badges, wayfinding and signage, photo quote television displays, table topics, thank you cards, and internal recap documents.
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